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Trauma centre trauma sensitive yoga

 Facilitated spaces for trauma support (Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga), trauma informed yoga, somatics, mindfulness, meditation and trauma informed disability support 




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How I help

The facilitated spaces focus on relationship building, trust, autonomy, power sharing, authentic experiences, and people are guided to make choices about what they want.

Spaces are non-coercive and invitational. Feel free to click here to get in touch with any questions or to book a session.

Testimonials from my sessions

Stress is gone. Very relaxed and happy.

Participant from mat yoga at retirement village  

The importance of breathing well and the slow exercises which keep my energy going. 

Participant from chair yoga at retirement village  

Leaving the session with a deep sense of calm that sets me up for the week.

Participant from chair yoga at retirement village  

Celebrating being alive together.

Participant from chair yoga at retirement village  

It's good for my body, good for my soul and a lovely way to end the day. 

Participant from mat yoga at retirement village  

Anu has a gentle approach to Yoga that fits all levels, it's a fantastic experience to come and practice with them as they focus on you, rather than in the poses. They cater Yoga from a source of deep understanding

of the connection between the body and how we are in this world. In my experience as Yogi with English as a second language, I sometimes don't understand the instructions, but with Anu, I felt every instruction clear

and explained, so I was able to follow in my own version of the moves. Don't expect an exhausting session,

but a mindful one. I felt grateful, happy and in my being after attending to this class. I highly recommend it

for any level of experience.

Participant from Queer and Trans yoga session


As someone who is relatively new to yoga I've really enjoyed Anu's approach which includes lots of information on how the shapes might be tailored to each participant's abilities. Anu creates a very welcoming space

and I always feel physically and emotionally refreshed after their classes.

Participant from Queer and Trans yoga session

Anu creates a welcoming safe space to practice yoga with mindfulness. The pace of the class is lovely, the sequencing of meditation, asana, pranayama is thoughtful and well considered. There is consideration given

for all levels of experience and thoughtful kindness for any injuries. I felt refreshed and a great sense of serenity at the end of the class. 

Participant from Queer and Trans yoga session

I am a settler-coloniser living on the stolen land of the Wurundjeri, Woiwurrung people in the Kulin Nation. I pay my respects to their Elders past and present and any Indigenous people visiting this website. I recognise that sovereignty has not been ceded and colonisation has undoubtedly caused intergenerational trauma amongst Indigenous communities. That land was taken without consent and that so called australia has been built off of the slavery, dispossession, abuse and imprisonment of Indigenous people. I recognise the strength and resilience of Indigenous people. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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